Solution Examples

Call Center

Both inbound and outbound call center solutions are available for most industries. Our cheerful team members meet and exceed KPIs for sales and customer satisfaction!


Insurance Company

Applications are collected daily. They are indexed and processed overnight. The client has the results in hand the next morning.

* Similar process for loans, mortgages & other transactions.


Law Firm

Documents are reviewed, unitized and indexed for easy retrieval.



Content is formatted for eBook, Web and print publishing. Legacy content is digitally archived.



Customer rebates are scanned, indexed and processed. Paper documents are scanned and indexed.


Internet Content Provider

Up-to-date information is obtained from internet research, formatted and published.  


Pharmaceutical Company

Research documents are scanned, indexed and available electronically.


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We are experts in data and document processing.

*Do you process applications, claims, loans, mortgages, rebates, bills, contest entries or other transactions?

*Do you have books, magazines or journals that you want to publish on eReaders and the Web?

*Do you have boxes of documents that you would like to search & retrieve electronically?

*Are you in a lawsuit involving many documents that you need to index and review?

*Do you need data converted from one format to another?  DOC to PDF?  PDF to editable text file?  Creation of XML, HTML or SGML output?

*Would you like to turn your paper records into electronic documents?

*Do you have recordings, audio notes or voice mail messages that you need transcribed?

*Do you need to extract, process and analyze data from forms? 

*What manual processes do you perform on a regular basis?

*Do you have one or more employees you would like to outsource?


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Hire Virtual Employees

Save money, time and the hassles of hiring and managing employees or projects. Focus on your core competency while we focus on our core competency to serve you!