Outsourcing Services

* Call Center

* Transaction processing

* First pass document review

* Publishing Services

* Document indexing for easy retrieval

* HR Outsourcing

* Form processing

* Convert paper documents to electronic

* Convert microfilm & photographs

* Convert docs to XML and HTML

* Litigation Support

* Insurance Support

* Building Offshore Teams

* Other outsourcing services




Outsourcing vendor Blue Sky Media

Outsourcing Services









Blue Sky Media's extensive outsourcing experience and commitment to excellence guarantee the highest quality product.


  • Exceptional Quality

  • Fast Turnaround Time

  • U.S. Presence

  • Expert Project Management

  • Capacity for Projects of any Size and Complexity

  • Customized Data Output

  • Strict Quality Control Procedures

  • Superior Technology

  • Confidentiality

  • Security

  • Status Reports

  • College-Educated, Experienced Staff

  • Staff is Fluent in English


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