Business Process Outsourcing Services


Blue Sky Media provides exceptional quality outsourcing services at low prices with fast turnaround times.


Call Center. Custom inbound and outbound call center tops our list of services.

Outsource BPO services

Publishing Services.  Our publishing outsourcing services include support for the entire spectrum of creating, converting, editing, enhancing, managing, producing and presenting information.  We can help you publish eBooks, traditional books, illustrated books, reference books, textbooks, scientific / medical / technical (SMT) books, journals, magazines, newspapers, reference materials and other publications. We have experience with eBook, iBook, ePUB, Web and tradtional publishing. We can create eBooks with amazing interactive and multi-media enhancements.

Document Indexing.  We index your electronic images so you can easily find them in your database.

Transaction Processing. We can process your transactions from start to finish.  Depending on your business needs, our services can include (1) data input or conversion, (2) information verification, (3) eligibility determination (for example, for claims and applications),  (4) actions based on eligibility determination, (5) report delivery.  Examples of a few types of transaction processing services include:  claims, loans, mortgages, applications, rebates, invoices and purchase and sale documents. 

Data Entry. We provide top quality data entry outsourcing services. 


Litigation Support Services. We offer a variety of legal support outsourcing services:

One of our key strengths is legal (bibliographic) coding, where our professional staff will capture, identify and index relevant content from documents. Typical data fields include document date, type, title, author, recipient, copyee, beginning page, ending page, attachment info and characteristics such as confidential notation, foreign language, handwritten, marginalia and other items. In addition to capturing objective meta-data, we offer in-text coding based on keywords in the document and subjective coding based on a review and interpretation of the document. The nature of the project, database and output can be customized to your specific requirements.


We also offer unitization (logical document determination) services.  We understand the importance of proper document boundaries and attachment ranges. In logical document determination, we differentiate one document from another and define applicable attachments. This provides you with the beginning and ending points of each document and its related attachments.

Production Formatting.  We can prepare documents for discovery based on the file format and other criteria you desire.

Objective Document Redaction.  Keywords or fields in documents are redacted to maintain confidentiality.

Document Review Services. Another key strength is our significant experience in "first pass" document review. Filipino attorneys can review documents for relevancy, materiality, privilege, work product, confidentiality, issue spotting and/or responsiveness to discovery requests. We have experience with numerous document review software platforms and case assessment tools.

File Conversion.  We can convert virtually any source file to virtually any output file you will need.  Examples include: Editable files (DOC, XLS, etc.) to PDF, image files (GIF, JPG, etc.) to PDF, PDF to DOC, and conversion to XML, HTML and SGML. 

Form Processing.  Many businesses use forms to collect data.  The data is extracted, processed and analyzed.  We can take care of this for you.  Here a few examples of forms we can process: insurance claim forms, insurance applications, loan applications, tax forms, census forms, subscription forms, trade confirmations, shipping documents, student applications, contest entries and legal forms. Our form processing outsourcing services are top-notch!

Virtual Employee Services.  Outsource one or more of your employees.  We can take over a single function or build a entire team for you.

Other Outsourcing Services.  We also offer OCR (optical character recognition), document conversion, data mining, research and many other outsourcing services.  So just because it's not listed here doesn't mean we can't help you with your business!  We pride ourselves on our expertise, flexibility and customer service, and our clients appreciate the results! 

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